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cert-to-efi-hash-list - tool for converting openssl certificates to EFI signature hash revocation lists
To take a standard X509 certificate in PEM format and
produce an output EFI signature list file, simply do
cert-to-efi-hash-list PK.crt PK.esl
Note that the format of EFI signature list files is such
that they can simply be concatenated to produce a file with
multiple signatures:
cat PK1.esl PK2.esl > PK.esl
If your platform has a setup mode key manipulation ability,
the keys will often only be displayed by GUID, so using the
-g option to give your keys recognisable GUIDs will be
useful if you plan to manage lots of keys.
[see also]
sign-efi-sig-list(1) for details on how to create an
authenticated update to EFI secure variables when the EFI
system is in user mode.
Signature revocation hashes are only implemented in UEFI 2.4 and up