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First of all, you bought wrong printer :) This "driver" is not in
production state. It was only an expirement.
So, installation procedures:
1) Open terminal, execute `check-requirements` script, you should see, that
all required components are correctly installed and available.
2) Install unavailable components
3) Copy `pstoricohddst-gdi` to cups' filters directory (usually
4) Make sure it is executable by lp user and owned by root:root (i.e.
chown root:root pstoricohddst-gdi)
5) Add printer through CUPS' web interface (usually
http://localhost:631/), click 'Choose file' and select one of provided PPD-files
6) Print!
If you have troubles with printing:
1) Open terminal, execute `check-requirements` script, copy the output.
2) Remove all /tmp/pstoricohddst-gdi* directories if found
3) Enable debug behavior by editing `/usr/lib/cups/filterpstoricohddst-gdi`
file (line 4)
4) Re-install printer in cups, make sure printing queue is clear
5) Send test page
6) Wait for 60 seconds
7) In terminal, become root and execute (without pound):
# grep 'pstoricohddst-gdi' /var/log/*log
# ls -la /tmp/pstoricohddst-gdi*
8) Copy whole output of previous commands
9) Log in to Github (or register if you're unregistered)
10) Open an issue ( with
problem description, add output of steps 1) and 6)
11) Wait... :) And never ever write me letters through e-mail (I never open
spam folder, but your mail will arrive there with 146% expectancy)