Version 0.9.4

AKASHI Takahiro (1):
      sbsign: allow for adding intermediate certificates

James Bottomley (8):
      sbverify: fix verification with intermediate certificates
      Tests: Add intermediate certificate tests to the sign-verify cases
      Fix some openssl 1.1.0 deprecated functions
      sbvarsign: remove unused global variable
      sbverify: refer to unused function
      Fix errors on 32 bit
      Enable -Werror for builds
      docs: add man page for sbkeysync

Signed-off-by: James Bottomley <>
diff --git a/ b/
index 29927a7..4ffb68f 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-AC_INIT([sbsigntool], [0.9.3], [])
+AC_INIT([sbsigntool], [0.9.4], [])