Merge commit 'v2.6.32.50' into xen/next-2.6.32

* commit 'v2.6.32.50': (28 commits)
  clockevents: Set noop handler in clockevents_exchange_device()
  tick-broadcast: Stop active broadcast device when replacing it
  genirq: Fix race condition when stopping the irq thread
  oprofile, x86: Fix crash when unloading module (nmi timer mode)
  x86/mpparse: Account for bus types other than ISA and PCI
  sched, x86: Avoid unnecessary overflow in sched_clock
  cifs: fix cifs stable patch cifs-fix-oplock-break-handling-try-2.patch
  SCSI: Silencing 'killing requests for dead queue'
  SCSI: scsi_lib: fix potential NULL dereference
  USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for Kingston DT 101 G2
  usb: option: add SIMCom SIM5218
  usb: ftdi_sio: add PID for Propox ISPcable III
  USB: whci-hcd: fix endian conversion in qset_clear()
  Staging: comedi: fix signal handling in read and write
  staging: comedi: fix oops for USB DAQ devices.
  staging: usbip: bugfix for deadlock
  gro: reset vlan_tci on reuse
  nl80211: fix MAC address validation
  p54spi: Fix workqueue deadlock