Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://

Pull ext3 improvements, cleanups, reiserfs fix from Jan Kara:
 "various cleanups for ext2, ext3, udf, isofs, a documentation update
  for quota, and a fix of a race in reiserfs readdir implementation"

* 'for_linus' of git://
  reiserfs: fix race in readdir
  ext2: acl: remove unneeded include of linux/capability.h
  ext3: explicitly remove inode from orphan list after failed direct io
  fs/isofs/inode.c add __init to init_inodecache()
  ext3: Speedup WB_SYNC_ALL pass
  fs/quota/Kconfig: Update filesystems
  ext3: Update outdated comment before ext3_ordered_writepage()
  ext3: Update PF_MEMALLOC handling in ext3_write_inode()
  ext2/3: use prandom_u32() instead of get_random_bytes()
  ext3: remove an unneeded check in ext3_new_blocks()
  ext3: remove unneeded check in ext3_ordered_writepage()
  fs: Mark function as static in ext3/xattr_security.c
  fs: Mark function as static in ext3/dir.c
  fs: Mark function as static in ext2/xattr_security.c
  ext3: Add __init macro to init_inodecache
  ext2: Add __init macro to init_inodecache
  udf: Add __init macro to init_inodecache
  fs: udf: parse_options: blocksize check