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The USB Bluetooth driver supports any USB Bluetooth device.
It currently works well with the Linux USB Bluetooth stack from Axis
(available at ) and
has been rumored to work with other Linux USB Bluetooth stacks.
Currently the driver can handle up to 256 different USB Bluetooth
devices at once.
If you are not using devfs:
The major number that the driver uses is 216 so to use the driver,
create the following nodes:
mknod /dev/ttyUB0 c 216 0
mknod /dev/ttyUB1 c 216 1
mknod /dev/ttyUB2 c 216 2
mknod /dev/ttyUB3 c 216 3
mknod /dev/ttyUB254 c 216 254
mknod /dev/ttyUB255 c 216 255
If you are using devfs:
The devices supported by this driver will show up as
When the device is connected and recognized by the driver, the driver
will print to the system log, which node the device has been bound to.
If anyone has any problems using this driver, please contact me, or
join the Linux-USB mailing list (information on joining the mailing
list, as well as a link to its searchable archive is at )
Greg Kroah-Hartman