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Pull GFS2 updates from Steven Whitehouse:
 "One of the main highlights this time, is not the patches themselves
  but instead the widening contributor base.  It is good to see that
  interest is increasing in GFS2, and I'd like to thank all the
  contributors to this patch set.

  In addition to the usual set of bug fixes and clean ups, there are
  patches to improve inode creation performance when xattrs are required
  and some improvements to the transaction code which is intended to
  help improve scalability after further changes in due course.

  Journal extent mapping is also updated to make it more efficient and
  again, this is a foundation for future work in this area.

  The maximum number of ACLs has been increased to 300 (for a 4k block
  size) which means that even with a few additional xattrs from selinux,
  everything should fit within a single fs block.

  There is also a patch to bring GFS2's own copy of the writepages code
  up to the same level as the core VFS.  Eventually we may be able to
  merge some of this code, since it is fairly similar.

  The other major change this time, is bringing consistency to the
  printing of messages via fs_<level>, pr_<level> macros"

* tag 'gfs2-merge-window' of git:// (29 commits)
  GFS2: Fix address space from page function
  GFS2: Fix uninitialized VFS inode in gfs2_create_inode
  GFS2: Fix return value in slot_get()
  GFS2: inline function gfs2_set_mode
  GFS2: Remove extraneous function gfs2_security_init
  GFS2: Increase the max number of ACLs
  GFS2: Re-add a call to log_flush_wait when flushing the journal
  GFS2: Ensure workqueue is scheduled after noexp request
  GFS2: check NULL return value in gfs2_ok_to_move
  GFS2: Convert gfs2_lm_withdraw to use fs_err
  GFS2: Use fs_<level> more often
  GFS2: Use pr_<level> more consistently
  GFS2: Move recovery variables to journal structure in memory
  GFS2: global conversion to pr_foo()
  GFS2: return -E2BIG if hit the maximum limits of ACLs
  GFS2: Clean up journal extent mapping
  GFS2: replace kmalloc - __vmalloc / memset 0
  GFS2: Remove extra "if" in gfs2_log_flush()
  fs: NULL dereference in posix_acl_to_xattr()
  GFS2: Move log buffer accounting to transaction