Merge tag 'upstream-3.15-rc1' of git://

Pull ubifs updates from Artem Bityutskiy:
 "This pull request includes the 'ubiblock' driver which provides R/O
  block access to UBI volumes.  It is useful for those who want to use
  squashfs on top of raw flash devices.  UBI will provide bit-flip
  handling and wear-levelling in this case (e.g., if there are other UBI
  volumes with R/W UBIFS too).

  The driver is actually pretty small and it is part of the UBI kernel
  subsystem.  Delivered by Ezequiel Garcia, along with a piece of
  documentation on the MTD web site and the user-space tool for creating
  and removing block devices"

* tag 'upstream-3.15-rc1' of git://
  UBI: block: Remove __initdata from ubiblock_param_ops
  UBI: make UBI_IOCVOLCRBLK take a parameter for future usage
  UBI: rename block device ioctls
  UBI: block: Use ENOSYS as return value when CONFIG_UBIBLOCK=n
  UBI: block: Add CONFIG_BLOCK dependency
  UBI: block: Use 'u64' for the 64-bit dividend
  UBI: block: Mark init-only symbol as __initdata
  UBI: block: do not use term "attach"
  UBI: R/O block driver on top of UBI volumes