Merge branch 'cross-rename' of git://

Pull renameat2 system call from Miklos Szeredi:
 "This adds a new syscall, renameat2(), which is the same as renameat()
  but with a flags argument.

  The purpose of extending rename is to add cross-rename, a symmetric
  variant of rename, which exchanges the two files.  This allows
  interesting things, which were not possible before, for example
  atomically replacing a directory tree with a symlink, etc...  This
  also allows overlayfs and friends to operate on whiteouts atomically.

  Andy Lutomirski also suggested a "noreplace" flag, which disables the
  overwriting behavior of rename.

  These two flags, RENAME_EXCHANGE and RENAME_NOREPLACE are only
  implemented for ext4 as an example and for testing"

* 'cross-rename' of git://
  ext4: add cross rename support
  ext4: rename: split out helper functions
  ext4: rename: move EMLINK check up
  ext4: rename: create ext4_renament structure for local vars
  vfs: add cross-rename
  vfs: lock_two_nondirectories: allow directory args
  security: add flags to rename hooks
  vfs: add RENAME_NOREPLACE flag
  vfs: add renameat2 syscall
  vfs: rename: use common code for dir and non-dir
  vfs: rename: move d_move() up
  vfs: add d_is_dir()