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Pull infiniband updates from Roland Dreier:
 "Main batch of InfiniBand/RDMA changes for 3.15:

   - The biggest change is core API extensions and mlx5 low-level driver
     support for handling DIF/DIX-style protection information, and the
     addition of PI support to the iSER initiator.  Target support will
     be arriving shortly through the SCSI target tree.

   - A nice simplification to the "umem" memory pinning library now that
     we have chained sg lists.  Kudos to Yishai Hadas for realizing our
     code didn't have to be so crazy.

   - Another nice simplification to the sg wrappers used by qib, ipath
     and ehca to handle their mapping of memory to adapter.

   - The usual batch of fixes to bugs found by static checkers etc.
     from intrepid people like Dan Carpenter and Yann Droneaud.

   - A large batch of cxgb4, ocrdma, qib driver updates"

* tag 'rdma-for-linus' of git:// (102 commits)
  RDMA/ocrdma: Unregister inet notifier when unloading ocrdma
  RDMA/ocrdma: Fix warnings about pointer <-> integer casts
  RDMA/ocrdma: Code clean-up
  RDMA/ocrdma: Display FW version
  RDMA/ocrdma: Query controller information
  RDMA/ocrdma: Support non-embedded mailbox commands
  RDMA/ocrdma: Handle CQ overrun error
  RDMA/ocrdma: Display proper value for max_mw
  RDMA/ocrdma: Use non-zero tag in SRQ posting
  RDMA/ocrdma: Memory leak fix in ocrdma_dereg_mr()
  RDMA/ocrdma: Increment abi version count
  RDMA/ocrdma: Update version string
  be2net: Add abi version between be2net and ocrdma
  RDMA/ocrdma: ABI versioning between ocrdma and be2net
  RDMA/ocrdma: Allow DPP QP creation
  RDMA/ocrdma: Read ASIC_ID register to select asic_gen
  RDMA/ocrdma: SQ and RQ doorbell offset clean up
  RDMA/ocrdma: EQ full catastrophe avoidance
  RDMA/cxgb4: Disable DSGL use by default
  RDMA/cxgb4: rx_data() needs to hold the ep mutex