Merge tag 'fbdev-main-3.15' of git://

Pull fbdev changes from Tomi Valkeinen:
 "Various fbdev fixes and improvements, but nothing big"

* tag 'fbdev-main-3.15' of git:// (38 commits)
  fbdev: Make the switch from generic to native driver less alarming
  Video: atmel: avoid the id of fix screen info is overwritten
  video: imxfb: Add DT default contrast control register property.
  video: atmel_lcdfb: ensure the hardware is initialized with the correct mode
  fbdev: vesafb: add dev->remove() callback
  fbdev: efifb: add dev->remove() callback
  video: pxa3xx-gcu: switch to devres functions
  video: pxa3xx-gcu: provide an empty .open call
  video: pxa3xx-gcu: pass around struct device *
  video: pxa3xx-gcu: rename some symbols
  sisfb: fix 1280x720 resolution support
  video: fbdev: uvesafb: Remove impossible code path in uvesafb_init_info
  video: fbdev: uvesafb: Remove redundant NULL check in uvesafb_remove
  fbdev: FB_OPENCORES should depend on HAS_DMA
  OMAPDSS: convert pixel clock to common videomode style
  OMAPDSS: Remove unused get_context_loss_count support
  OMAPDSS: use DISPC register to detect context loss
  video: da8xx-fb: Use "SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS" macro
  video: imxfb: Convert to SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPS
  video: imxfb: Resolve mismatch between backlight/contrast