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#include <linux/completion.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include "messenger.h"
#include "msgpool.h"
struct ceph_client;
struct ceph_mount_args;
struct ceph_auth_client;
* The monitor map enumerates the set of all monitors.
struct ceph_monmap {
struct ceph_fsid fsid;
u32 epoch;
u32 num_mon;
struct ceph_entity_inst mon_inst[0];
struct ceph_mon_client;
struct ceph_mon_statfs_request;
* Generic mechanism for resending monitor requests.
typedef void (*ceph_monc_request_func_t)(struct ceph_mon_client *monc,
int newmon);
/* a pending monitor request */
struct ceph_mon_request {
struct ceph_mon_client *monc;
struct delayed_work delayed_work;
unsigned long delay;
ceph_monc_request_func_t do_request;
* statfs() is done a bit differently because we need to get data back
* to the caller
struct ceph_mon_statfs_request {
u64 tid;
struct rb_node node;
int result;
struct ceph_statfs *buf;
struct completion completion;
unsigned long last_attempt, delay; /* jiffies */
struct ceph_msg *request; /* original request */
struct ceph_mon_client {
struct ceph_client *client;
struct ceph_monmap *monmap;
struct mutex mutex;
struct delayed_work delayed_work;
struct ceph_auth_client *auth;
struct ceph_msg *m_auth;
int pending_auth;
bool hunting;
int cur_mon; /* last monitor i contacted */
unsigned long sub_sent, sub_renew_after;
struct ceph_connection *con;
bool have_fsid;
/* msg pools */
struct ceph_msgpool msgpool_subscribe_ack;
struct ceph_msgpool msgpool_statfs_reply;
struct ceph_msgpool msgpool_auth_reply;
/* pending statfs requests */
struct rb_root statfs_request_tree;
int num_statfs_requests;
u64 last_tid;
/* mds/osd map */
int want_next_osdmap; /* 1 = want, 2 = want+asked */
u32 have_osdmap, have_mdsmap;
struct dentry *debugfs_file;
extern struct ceph_monmap *ceph_monmap_decode(void *p, void *end);
extern int ceph_monmap_contains(struct ceph_monmap *m,
struct ceph_entity_addr *addr);
extern int ceph_monc_init(struct ceph_mon_client *monc, struct ceph_client *cl);
extern void ceph_monc_stop(struct ceph_mon_client *monc);
* The model here is to indicate that we need a new map of at least
* epoch @want, and also call in when we receive a map. We will
* periodically rerequest the map from the monitor cluster until we
* get what we want.
extern int ceph_monc_got_mdsmap(struct ceph_mon_client *monc, u32 have);
extern int ceph_monc_got_osdmap(struct ceph_mon_client *monc, u32 have);
extern void ceph_monc_request_next_osdmap(struct ceph_mon_client *monc);
extern int ceph_monc_do_statfs(struct ceph_mon_client *monc,
struct ceph_statfs *buf);
extern int ceph_monc_open_session(struct ceph_mon_client *monc);
extern int ceph_monc_validate_auth(struct ceph_mon_client *monc);