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#include "messenger.h"
* we use memory pools for preallocating messages we may receive, to
* avoid unexpected OOM conditions.
struct ceph_msgpool {
spinlock_t lock;
int front_len; /* preallocated payload size */
struct list_head msgs; /* msgs in the pool; each has 1 ref */
int num, min; /* cur, min # msgs in the pool */
bool blocking;
wait_queue_head_t wait;
extern int ceph_msgpool_init(struct ceph_msgpool *pool,
int front_len, int size, bool blocking);
extern void ceph_msgpool_destroy(struct ceph_msgpool *pool);
extern int ceph_msgpool_resv(struct ceph_msgpool *, int delta);
extern struct ceph_msg *ceph_msgpool_get(struct ceph_msgpool *,
int front_len);
extern void ceph_msgpool_put(struct ceph_msgpool *, struct ceph_msg *);