Merge tag 'trace-v6.8-rc1' of git://

Pull tracing and eventfs fixes from Steven Rostedt:

 - Fix histogram tracing_map insertion.

   The tracing_map_insert copies the value into the elt variable and
   then assigns the elt to the entry value. But it is possible that the
   entry value becomes visible on other CPUs before the elt is fully
   initialized. This is fixed by adding a wmb() between the
   initialization of the elt variable and assigning it.

 - Have eventfs directory have unique inode numbers.

   Having them be all the same proved to be a failure as the 'find'
   application will think that the directories are causing loops, as it
   checks for directory loops via their inodes. Have the evenfs dir
   entries get their inodes assigned when they are referenced and then
   save them in the eventfs_inode structure.

* tag 'trace-v6.8-rc1' of git://
  eventfs: Save directory inodes in the eventfs_inode structure
  tracing: Ensure visibility when inserting an element into tracing_map