Merge tag 'quota_for_v5.13-rc3' of git://

Pull quota fixes from Jan Kara:
 "The most important part in the pull is disablement of the new syscall
  quotactl_path() which was added in rc1.

  The reason is some people at LWN discussion pointed out dirfd would be
  useful for this path based syscall and Christian Brauner agreed.

  Without dirfd it may be indeed problematic for containers. So let's
  just disable the syscall for now when it doesn't have users yet so
  that we have more time to mull over how to best specify the filesystem
  we want to work on"

* tag 'quota_for_v5.13-rc3' of git://
  quota: Disable quotactl_path syscall
  quota: Use 'hlist_for_each_entry' to simplify code