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Pull s390 fixes from Martin Schwidefsky:
 "Nine bug fixes for s390:

   - Three fixes for the expoline code, one of them is strictly speaking
     a cleanup but as it relates to code added with 4.16 I would like to
     include the patch.

   - Three timer related fixes in the common I/O layer

   - A fix for the handling of internal DASD request which could cause

   - One correction in regard to the accounting of pud page tables vs.
     compat tasks.

   - The register scrubbing in entry.S caused spurious crashes, this is
     fixed now as well"

* 'for-linus' of git://
  s390/entry.S: fix spurious zeroing of r0
  s390: Fix runtime warning about negative pgtables_bytes
  s390: do not bypass BPENTER for interrupt system calls
  s390/cio: clear timer when terminating driver I/O
  s390/cio: fix return code after missing interrupt
  s390/cio: fix ccw_device_start_timeout API
  s390/clean-up: use CFI_* macros in entry.S
  s390/dasd: fix handling of internal requests