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#ifndef _LINUX_PIPE_FS_I_H
#define _LINUX_PIPE_FS_I_H
#define PIPEFS_MAGIC 0x50495045
#define PIPE_BUFFERS (16)
#define PIPE_BUF_FLAG_LRU 0x02
struct pipe_buffer {
struct page *page;
unsigned int offset, len;
struct pipe_buf_operations *ops;
unsigned int flags;
struct pipe_buf_operations {
int can_merge;
void * (*map)(struct file *, struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *);
void (*unmap)(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *);
void (*release)(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *);
int (*steal)(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *);
void (*get)(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *);
struct pipe_inode_info {
wait_queue_head_t wait;
unsigned int nrbufs, curbuf;
struct pipe_buffer bufs[PIPE_BUFFERS];
struct page *tmp_page;
unsigned int start;
unsigned int readers;
unsigned int writers;
unsigned int waiting_writers;
unsigned int r_counter;
unsigned int w_counter;
struct fasync_struct *fasync_readers;
struct fasync_struct *fasync_writers;
struct inode *inode;
/* Differs from PIPE_BUF in that PIPE_SIZE is the length of the actual
memory allocation, whereas PIPE_BUF makes atomicity guarantees. */
/* Drop the inode semaphore and wait for a pipe event, atomically */
void pipe_wait(struct pipe_inode_info *pipe);
struct pipe_inode_info * alloc_pipe_info(struct inode * inode);
void free_pipe_info(struct inode * inode);
void __free_pipe_info(struct pipe_inode_info *);
* splice is tied to pipes as a transport (at least for now), so we'll just
* add the splice flags here.
#define SPLICE_F_MOVE (0x01) /* move pages instead of copying */
#define SPLICE_F_NONBLOCK (0x02) /* don't block on the pipe splicing (but */
/* we may still block on the fd we splice */
/* from/to, of course */
#define SPLICE_F_MORE (0x04) /* expect more data */
* Passed to the actors
struct splice_desc {
unsigned int len, total_len; /* current and remaining length */
unsigned int flags; /* splice flags */
struct file *file; /* file to read/write */
loff_t pos; /* file position */
typedef int (splice_actor)(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct pipe_buffer *,
struct splice_desc *);
extern ssize_t splice_from_pipe(struct pipe_inode_info *, struct file *,
loff_t *, size_t, unsigned int,
splice_actor *);