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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef XFS_SYNC_H
#define XFS_SYNC_H 1
struct xfs_mount;
struct xfs_perag;
struct xfs_eofblocks {
__u32 eof_flags;
kuid_t eof_uid;
kgid_t eof_gid;
prid_t eof_prid;
__u64 eof_min_file_size;
* tags for inode radix tree
#define XFS_ICI_NO_TAG (-1) /* special flag for an untagged lookup
in xfs_inode_walk */
#define XFS_ICI_RECLAIM_TAG 0 /* inode is to be reclaimed */
#define XFS_ICI_EOFBLOCKS_TAG 1 /* inode has blocks beyond EOF */
#define XFS_ICI_COWBLOCKS_TAG 2 /* inode can have cow blocks to gc */
* Flags for xfs_iget()
#define XFS_IGET_CREATE 0x1
#define XFS_IGET_INCORE 0x8 /* don't read from disk or reinit */
* flags for AG inode iterator
#define XFS_INODE_WALK_INEW_WAIT 0x1 /* wait on new inodes */
int xfs_iget(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xfs_trans *tp, xfs_ino_t ino,
uint flags, uint lock_flags, xfs_inode_t **ipp);
/* recovery needs direct inode allocation capability */
struct xfs_inode * xfs_inode_alloc(struct xfs_mount *mp, xfs_ino_t ino);
void xfs_inode_free(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_reclaim_worker(struct work_struct *work);
void xfs_reclaim_inodes(struct xfs_mount *mp);
int xfs_reclaim_inodes_count(struct xfs_mount *mp);
long xfs_reclaim_inodes_nr(struct xfs_mount *mp, int nr_to_scan);
void xfs_inode_set_reclaim_tag(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_inode_set_eofblocks_tag(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_inode_clear_eofblocks_tag(struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xfs_icache_free_eofblocks(struct xfs_mount *, struct xfs_eofblocks *);
int xfs_inode_free_quota_eofblocks(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_eofblocks_worker(struct work_struct *);
void xfs_queue_eofblocks(struct xfs_mount *);
void xfs_inode_set_cowblocks_tag(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_inode_clear_cowblocks_tag(struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xfs_icache_free_cowblocks(struct xfs_mount *, struct xfs_eofblocks *);
int xfs_inode_free_quota_cowblocks(struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xfs_cowblocks_worker(struct work_struct *);
void xfs_queue_cowblocks(struct xfs_mount *);
int xfs_inode_walk(struct xfs_mount *mp, int iter_flags,
int (*execute)(struct xfs_inode *ip, void *args),
void *args, int tag);
int xfs_icache_inode_is_allocated(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xfs_trans *tp,
xfs_ino_t ino, bool *inuse);
void xfs_stop_block_reaping(struct xfs_mount *mp);
void xfs_start_block_reaping(struct xfs_mount *mp);