Merge branch 'media-fixes' (patches from Mauro)

Merge media fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "This contains two patches fixing problems with my patch series meant
  to make USB drivers to work again after the DMA on stack changes.

  The last patch on this series is actually not related to DMA on stack.
  It solves a longstanding bug affecting module unload, causing
  module_put() to be called twice. It was reported by the user who
  reported and tested the issues with the gp8psk driver with the DMA
  fixup patches. As we're late at -rc cycle, maybe you prefer to not
  apply it right now. If this is the case, I'll add to the pile of
  patches for 4.10.

  Exceptionally this time, I'm sending the patches via e-mail, because
  I'm on another trip, and won't be able to use the usual procedure
  until Monday. Also, it is only three patches, and you followed already
  the discussions about the first one"

* emailed patches from Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>:
  gp8psk: Fix DVB frontend attach
  gp8psk: fix gp8psk_usb_in_op() logic
  dvb-usb: move data_mutex to struct dvb_usb_device