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Pull ARM SoC bug fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "After a quiet set of fixes for 3.9-rc4, a lot of people woke up and
  sent urgent fixes for 3.9.  I pushed back on a number of them that got
  deferred to 3.10, but these are the ones that seemed important.

  Regression in 3.9:

   - Multiple regressions in OMAP2+ clock cleanup
   - SH-Mobile frame buffer bug fix that merged here because of
     maintainer MIA
   - ux500 prcmu changes broke DT booting
   - MMCI duplicated regulator setup on ux500
   - New ux500 clock driver broke ethernet on snowball
   - Local interrupt driver for mvebu broke ethernet
   - MVEBU GPIO driver did not get set up right on Orion DT
   - incorrect interrupt number on Orion crypto for DT

  Long-standing bugs, including candidates for stable:

   - Kirkwood MMC needs to disable invalid card detect pins
   - MV SDIO pinmux was wrong on Mirabox
   - GoFlex Net board file needs to set NAND chip delay
   - MSM timer restart race
   - ep93xx early debug code broke in 3.7
   - i.MX CPU hotplug race
   - Incorrect clock setup for OMAP1 USB
   - Workaround for bad clock setup by some old OMAP4 boot loaders
   - Static I/O mappings on cns3xxx since 3.2"

* tag 'fixes' of git://
  ARM: cns3xxx: fix mapping of private memory region
  arm: mvebu: Fix pinctrl for Armada 370 Mirabox SDIO port.
  arm: orion5x: correct IRQ used in dtsi for mv_cesa
  arm: orion5x: fix orion5x.dtsi gpio parameters
  ARM: Kirkwood: fix unused mvsdio gpio pins
  arm: mvebu: Use local interrupt only for the timer 0
  ARM: kirkwood: Fix chip-delay for GoFlex Net
  ARM: ux500: Enable the clock controlling Ethernet on Snowball
  ARM: ux500: Stop passing ios_handler() as an MMCI power controlling call-back
  ARM: ux500: Apply the TCPM and TCDM locations and sizes to dbx5x0 DT
  fbdev: sh_mobile_lcdc: fixup B side hsync adjust settings
  ARM: OMAP: clocks: Delay clk inits atleast until slab is initialized
  ARM: imx: fix sync issue between imx_cpu_die and imx_cpu_kill
  ARM: msm: Stop counting before reprogramming clockevent
  ARM: ep93xx: Fix wait for UART FIFO to be empty
  ARM: OMAP4: PM: fix PM regression introduced by recent clock cleanup
  ARM: OMAP3: hwmod data: keep MIDLEMODE in force-standby for musb
  ARM: OMAP4: clock data: lock USB DPLL on boot
  ARM: OMAP1: fix USB host on 1710