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Pull MIPS fixes from Ralf Baechle:
 "A collection of fixes pretty much across the MIPS code.  Even the
  change to include/linux/signal.h by David Howells' 2a1486981c13 ("Fix
  breakage in MIPS siginfo handling") should be considered MIPS-specific
  as it touches an ifdefed segment that is only relevant to MIPS and
  which unfortunately can't be made to go away entirely."

* 'upstream' of git://
  Fix breakage in MIPS siginfo handling
  Revert "MIPS: BCM63XX: Call board_register_device from device_initcall()"
  MIPS: BCM63XX: Make nvram checksum failure non fatal
  MIPS: Fix code generation for non-DSP capable CPUs
  MIPS: Fix inconsistent formatting inside /proc/cpuinfo
  MIPS: SEAD3: Enable LL/SC.
  MIPS: Get rid of CONFIG_CPU_HAS_LLSC again
  MIPS: VR4133: Fix probe for LL/SC.
  MIPS: Fix logic errors in bitops.c
  MIPS: Use CONFIG_CPU_MIPSR2 in csum_partial.S
  MIPS: compat: Return same error ENOSYS as native for invalid operation.