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config CARL9170
tristate "Linux Community AR9170 802.11n USB support"
depends on USB && MAC80211 && EXPERIMENTAL
select FW_LOADER
select CRC32
This is another driver for the Atheros "otus" 802.11n USB devices.
This driver provides more features than the original,
but it needs a special firmware (carl9170-1.fw) to do that.
The firmware can be downloaded from our wiki here:
If you choose to build a module, it'll be called carl9170.
config CARL9170_LEDS
bool "SoftLED Support"
depends on CARL9170
select MAC80211_LEDS
select NEW_LEDS
default y
This option is necessary, if you want your device' LEDs to blink
Say Y, unless you need the LEDs for firmware debugging.
config CARL9170_DEBUGFS
bool "DebugFS Support"
depends on CARL9170 && DEBUG_FS && MAC80211_DEBUGFS
default n
Export several driver and device internals to user space.
Say N.
config CARL9170_WPC
depends on CARL9170 && (INPUT = y || INPUT = CARL9170)
default y
config CARL9170_HWRNG
bool "Random number generator"
depends on CARL9170 && (HW_RANDOM = y || HW_RANDOM = CARL9170)
default n
Provides a hardware random number generator to the kernel.
SECURITY WARNING: It's relatively easy to eavesdrop all
generated random numbers from the transport stream with
usbmon [software] or special usb sniffer hardware.
Say N, unless your setup[i.e.: embedded system] has no
other rng source and you can afford to take the risk.