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Pull SCSI target fixes from Nicholas Bellinger:
 "Here are the outstanding target-pending fixes for v4.9-rc2.

  This includes:

   - Fix v4.1.y+ reference leak regression with concurrent TMR
     ABORT_TASK + session shutdown. (Vaibhav Tandon)

   - Enable tcm_fc w/ SCF_USE_CPUID to avoid host exchange timeouts

   - target/user error sense handling fixes. (Andy + MNC + HCH)

   - Fix iscsi-target NOP_OUT error path iscsi_cmd descriptor leak

   - Two EXTENDED_COPY SCSI status fixes for ESX VAAI (Dinesh Israni +
     Nixon Vincent)

   - Revert a v4.8 residual overflow change, that breaks sg_inq with
     small allocation lengths.

  There are a number of folks stress testing the v4.1.y regression fix
  in their environments, and more folks doing iser-target I/O stress
  testing atop recent v4.x.y code.

  There is also one v4.2.y+ RCU conversion regression related to
  explicit NodeACL configfs changes, that is still being tracked down"

* git://
  target/tcm_fc: use CPU affinity for responses
  target/tcm_fc: Update debugging statements to match libfc usage
  target/tcm_fc: return detailed error in ft_sess_create()
  target/tcm_fc: print command pointer in debug message
  target: fix potential race window in target_sess_cmd_list_waiting()
  Revert "target: Fix residual overflow handling in target_complete_cmd_with_length"
  target: Don't override EXTENDED_COPY xcopy_pt_cmd SCSI status code
  target: Re-add missing SCF_ACK_KREF assignment in v4.1.y
  iscsi-target: fix iscsi cmd leak
  iscsi-target: fix spelling mistake "Unsolicitied" -> "Unsolicited"
  target/user: Fix comments to not refer to data ring
  target/user: Return an error if cmd data size is too large
  target/user: Use sense_reason_t in tcmu_queue_cmd_ring