Merge branch 'linus' of git://

Pull crypto fixes from Herbert Xu:
 "This fixes the following issues:

   - Missing ULL suffixes for 64-bit constants in sha3.
   - Two caam AEAD regressions.
   - Bogus setkey hooks in non-hmac caam hashes.
   - Missing kbuild dependency for powerpc crc32c"

* 'linus' of git://
  crypto: caam - fix non-hmac hashes
  crypto: powerpc - CRYPT_CRC32C_VPMSUM should depend on ALTIVEC
  crypto: caam - defer aead_set_sh_desc in case of zero authsize
  crypto: caam - fix echainiv(authenc) encrypt shared descriptor
  crypto: sha3 - Add missing ULL suffixes for 64-bit constants