Merge git://

Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Fix packet header offset calculation in _decode_session6(), from
    Hajime Tazaki.

 2) Fix route leak in error paths of xfrm_lookup(), from Huaibin Wang.

 3) Be sure to clear state properly when scans fail in iwlwifi mvm code,
    from Luciano Coelho.

 4) iwlwifi tries to stop scans that aren't actually running, also from
    Luciano Coelho.

 5) mac80211 should drop mesh frames that are not encrypted, fix from
    Bob Copeland.

 6) Add new device ID to b43 wireless driver for BCM432228 chips, from
    Rafał Miłecki.

 7) Fix accidental addition of members after variable sized array in
    struct tc_u_hnode, from WANG Cong.

 8) Don't re-enable interrupts until after we call napi_complete() in
    ibmveth and WIZnet drivers, frm Yongbae Park.

 9) Fix regression in vlan tag handling of fec driver, from Fugang Duan.

10) If a network namespace change fails during rtnl_newlink(), we don't
    unwind the device registry properly.

11) Fix two TCP regressions, from Neal Cardwell:
  - Don't allow snd_cwnd_cnt to accumulate huge values due to missing
    test in tcp_cong_avoid_ai().
  - Restore CUBIC back to advancing cwnd by 1.5x packets per RTT.

12) Fix performance regression in xne-netback involving push TX
    notifications, from David Vrabel.

13) __skb_tstamp_tx() can be called with a NULL sk pointer, do not
    dereference blindly.  From Willem de Bruijn.

14) Fix potential stack overflow in RDS protocol stack, from Arnd

15) VXLAN_VID_MASK used incorrectly in new remote checksum offload
    support of VXLAN driver.  Fix from Alexey Kodanev.

16) Fix too small netlink SKB allocation in inet_diag layer, from Eric

17) ieee80211_check_combinations() does not count interfaces correctly,
    from Andrei Otcheretianski.

18) Hardware feature determination in bxn2x driver references a piece of
    software state that actually isn't initialized yet, fix from Michal

19) inet_csk_wait_for_connect() needs a sched_annotate_sleep()
    annoation, from Eric Dumazet.

* git:// (56 commits)
  Revert "net: cx82310_eth: use common match macro"
  net/mlx4_en: Set statistics bitmap at port init
  IB/mlx4: Saturate RoCE port PMA counters in case of overflow
  net/mlx4_en: Fix off-by-one in ethtool statistics display
  IB/mlx4: Verify net device validity on port change event
  act_bpf: allow non-default TC_ACT opcodes as BPF exec outcome
  Revert "smc91x: retrieve IRQ and trigger flags in a modern way"
  inet: Clean up inet_csk_wait_for_connect() vs. might_sleep()
  ip6_tunnel: fix error code when tunnel exists
  netdevice.h: fix ndo_bridge_* comments
  bnx2x: fix encapsulation features on 57710/57711
  mac80211: ignore CSA to same channel
  nl80211: ignore HT/VHT capabilities without QoS/WMM
  mac80211: ask for ECSA IE to be considered for beacon parse CRC
  mac80211: count interfaces correctly for combination checks
  isdn: icn: use strlcpy() when parsing setup options
  rxrpc: bogus MSG_PEEK test in rxrpc_recvmsg()
  caif: fix MSG_OOB test in caif_seqpkt_recvmsg()
  bridge: reset bridge mtu after deleting an interface
  can: kvaser_usb: Fix tx queue start/stop race conditions