First set of new IIO device support, features and cleanup for the 5.8 cycle

Usual mix of new drivers, new support in old drivers and lots of minor
cleanup. Yaml conversions also continue to trickle in (plenty more to go!)

New device support
* ad7476
  - Add ad7091 support (ID only)
* ad9467
  - New driver for this 200/250 MSPS adi-axi-adc and SPI attached ADC.
* adi-axi-adc
  - New driver to support ADIs generic AXI ADC IP core, used to provide
    high speed interfaces to ADCs (JESD204B/C or parallel interfaces). Usually
    paired with a device using a slow configuration interface (spi etc)
    Includes DT bindings and some fixes for fpga headers.
* bmg160
  - Add support for BMI088 (ID only)
* max1241
  - New driver for this ADC.
* st_sensors
  - Add support for LIS2HH12 accelerometer
* sx9310
  - New driver supporting sx9310 and sx9311 proximity sensors.

Yaml DT binding conversions
* rockchip-saradc (including adding some missing parts)
* stm32-dac
* tsl2563
* vcnl4000

* st_lsm6dsx
  - Add LIS3MDL as a possible sensor hub device.
* vcnl4000
  - Add new concept of near level (from DT) to provide to userspace which
    often needs to have some calibrated concept of 'near'.

Cleanups, minor fixes etc.
* core
  - Use snprintf for functions where strings are built and there is
    potential for overflow.
  - Correct docs to indicate mlock should not be used directly by drivers.
  - Fix up accidental dropping of a patch to use bitmap_zalloc.
  - Stop allowing enabling of buffers with no channels enabled.
  - Drop unused 'stufftoread' from iio_buffer.
  - Drop scan_el_attrs form iio_buffer as unused.
  - Reorder sanity checks in __iio_device_register to fail earlier.
  - Drop all the devm_ runregister / free functions from IIO as they
    were never used and encourage poor design.
* dma-buffer
  - Tidy up includes.
* dma-engine-buffer
  - Provide dev-managed allocator.
  - Fix an issue with printing a size_t
* cross subsystem (kxsd9, bmg160, mpu3050, bmi160, mpu6050, bmc150)
  - Replace some unnecessary casts of error ptrs and whilst there.
    use the %pe printf parameter to print them in a more useful fashion.
* cross subsystem
  - Drop casts in calls to regmap_bulk_read as they make no sense.
  - Use devm_platform_ioremap_resource to reduce boilerplate.
  - Fix typos in Analog Devices.
* counters/104-quad
  - Add Syed Nayyar Waris as an additional maintainer.
* ad7476
  - Generate CONVST signal internally rather than requiring external
    trigger.  Add sysfs read back as can now do so.
  - use devm_add_action_or_reset to tidy up error and remove handling.
* ad7793
  - Switch to read_avail from explicit attribute. Mostly done to avoid
    confusing people with a - sign (without surounding spaces) that
    was correct but checkpatch didn't like.
* adis library
  - Add missing newlines at end of error messages.
* adis16400
* adis16460
* ad_sigma_delta
  - Move some channel definitions into individual drivers to avoid
    having to deal with complex options.
* ak8974
  - Silence an error on deffered probe.
* bmp280
  - Harden against IRQ before registration.
  - Convert to read_avail instead of opencoding the equivalent.
  - Explicitly mark GPIO as optional.
  - Cleanup casts.
  - Remove line breaks from strings.
* htts221
  - Replace direct access to platform_data with dev_get_platdata().
  - Use device properties rather than device tree ones to allow ACPI
  - Casting cleanups.
* intel_mrfld_adc
  - Don't use unaligned accessor for aligned data.
* isl29125
  - Reorder buer pre and post hooks to allow for coming core rework.
* ltc2983
  - Remove comp to bool.
* max1363
  - Stop using mlock from the iio_dev directly in favour of a local lock
    with clearly defined scope.
* max30100
  - Use generic device properties to allow ACPI probe.
* mpu6050
  - Convert to i2c_new_client_device.
  - Add debugfs register access.
* st_lsm6dsx
  - Provide means of configuring full scale on slave device if supported.
  - Drop include of st_sensors header to get one value. Its not otherwise
    used by this driver.
* st-sensors
  - Replace direct access to platform_data with dev_get_platdata().
  - Casting cleanups.
  - Avoid splitting strings.
* st_uvis25
  - Casting cleanups.
* tsl2563
  - Typo fix.
* tsl2772
  - scnprintf in a non obvious string building usecase. Note also 'fixes'
    a wrong calculation of remaining space that couldn't actually cause
    any trouble as there was lots of room.
* xilinx-xadc
  - Fix Lars-Peter spelling his own name wrong :) + additional typos.

iio: magnetometer: ak8974: Silence deferred-probe error

It's not uncommon that voltage regulator becomes available later during
kernel's boot process. This patch adds info message about unavailable
regulators in a case of the deferred-probe error and also amends the
error message with a error code.

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Osipenko <>
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <>
1 file changed