Second set of new device support, cleanups etc for IIO/Counters in the 5.9 cycle

There are two merge commits in here of immutable branches that may
also be picked up through other trees (clocksource and input)

I've put a few late breaking fixes in here that aren't worth rushing
in before the  merge window.  One major fix for an issue introduced
in the last set that can result in devices not having their parent set.

This set is dominated by W=1 cleanups from Lee Jones. I won't list them
all separately.  They are mostly:
* Kernel doc fixes
* Unused variable removal.
* Suppression of unused stuff that is static in headers.

Counters subsystem
* atmel-tcb
  - New counter driver after various cleanups of existing tcb code and bindings.

Device support
* stk311
  - Trivial addition of ID for STK311-X variant.

yaml conversions
* kionix,kxsd9
* ti,ads8688

* jz47xx
  - Add support for touch screen channels. In this particular case the
    boards in question actually wire a joystick to them so we want them
    as simple voltage channels. The joystick driver will probably go
    via the input tree.

Cleanups + fixes
* core
  - A rebase issue in recent major refactoring dropped the assignment of
    of the device parent in the core. Put it back.
* ad5592r
  - Fix unbalanced mutex unlocks in *_read_raw()
* ad7124
  - Move chip ID and name to the chip_info table plus add a read of the
    revision register to check the device is working during probe.
* ad7192
  - Ridy up ordering to put the match table near the end fo the file where it
    is used.
* lsm6dsx
  - Reset the hardware timestamp after a resume to avoid an issue with
    missaligned timestamps after suspend.
* jz47xx
  - Error checks on clk_enable() calls.
  - xlate callaback to find channel index.
  - Use separate chan_spec arrays for different variants rather than
    parts of a single list.  Simplifies code.

iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: reset hw ts after resume

Reset hw time samples generator after system resume in order to avoid
disalignment between system and device time reference since FIFO
batching and time samples generator are disabled during suspend.

Fixes: 213451076bd3 ("iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: add hw timestamp support")
Tested-by: Sean Nyekjaer <>
Signed-off-by: Lorenzo Bianconi <>
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: Jonathan Cameron <>
3 files changed