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* Copyright (C) 2011-2013 ARM Limited. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software and is provided to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* as published by the Free Software Foundation, and any use by you of this program is subject to the terms of such GNU licence.
* A copy of the licence is included with the program, and can also be obtained from Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __MALI_GP_H__
#define __MALI_GP_H__
#include "mali_osk.h"
#include "mali_gp_job.h"
#include "mali_hw_core.h"
#include "regs/mali_gp_regs.h"
struct mali_group;
* Definition of the GP core struct
* Used to track a GP core in the system.
struct mali_gp_core
struct mali_hw_core hw_core; /**< Common for all HW cores */
_mali_osk_irq_t *irq; /**< IRQ handler */
u32 counter_src0_used; /**< The selected performance counter 0 when a job is running */
u32 counter_src1_used; /**< The selected performance counter 1 when a job is running */
_mali_osk_errcode_t mali_gp_initialize(void);
void mali_gp_terminate(void);
struct mali_gp_core *mali_gp_create(const _mali_osk_resource_t * resource, struct mali_group *group);
void mali_gp_delete(struct mali_gp_core *core);
void mali_gp_stop_bus(struct mali_gp_core *core);
_mali_osk_errcode_t mali_gp_stop_bus_wait(struct mali_gp_core *core);
void mali_gp_reset_async(struct mali_gp_core *core);
_mali_osk_errcode_t mali_gp_reset_wait(struct mali_gp_core *core);
void mali_gp_hard_reset(struct mali_gp_core *core);
_mali_osk_errcode_t mali_gp_reset(struct mali_gp_core *core);
void mali_gp_job_start(struct mali_gp_core *core, struct mali_gp_job *job);
void mali_gp_resume_with_new_heap(struct mali_gp_core *core, u32 start_addr, u32 end_addr);
u32 mali_gp_core_get_version(struct mali_gp_core *core);
struct mali_gp_core *mali_gp_get_global_gp_core(void);
u32 mali_gp_dump_state(struct mali_gp_core *core, char *buf, u32 size);
void mali_gp_update_performance_counters(struct mali_gp_core *core, struct mali_gp_job *job, mali_bool suspend);
/*** Accessor functions ***/
MALI_STATIC_INLINE const char *mali_gp_get_hw_core_desc(struct mali_gp_core *core)
return core->hw_core.description;
/*** Register reading/writing functions ***/
MALI_STATIC_INLINE u32 mali_gp_get_int_stat(struct mali_gp_core *core)
return mali_hw_core_register_read(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_INT_STAT);
MALI_STATIC_INLINE void mali_gp_mask_all_interrupts(struct mali_gp_core *core)
mali_hw_core_register_write(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_INT_MASK, MALIGP2_REG_VAL_IRQ_MASK_NONE);
MALI_STATIC_INLINE u32 mali_gp_read_rawstat(struct mali_gp_core *core)
return mali_hw_core_register_read(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_INT_RAWSTAT) & MALIGP2_REG_VAL_IRQ_MASK_USED;
MALI_STATIC_INLINE u32 mali_gp_read_core_status(struct mali_gp_core *core)
return mali_hw_core_register_read(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_STATUS);
MALI_STATIC_INLINE void mali_gp_enable_interrupts(struct mali_gp_core *core, u32 irq_exceptions)
/* Enable all interrupts, except those specified in irq_exceptions */
mali_hw_core_register_write(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_INT_MASK,
MALIGP2_REG_VAL_IRQ_MASK_USED & ~irq_exceptions);
MALI_STATIC_INLINE u32 mali_gp_read_plbu_alloc_start_addr(struct mali_gp_core *core)
return mali_hw_core_register_read(&core->hw_core, MALIGP2_REG_ADDR_MGMT_PLBU_ALLOC_START_ADDR);
#endif /* __MALI_GP_H__ */