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* Copyright (C) 2013 ARM Limited. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software and is provided to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* as published by the Free Software Foundation, and any use by you of this program is subject to the terms of such GNU licence.
* A copy of the licence is included with the program, and can also be obtained from Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __MALI_PM_DOMAIN_H__
#define __MALI_PM_DOMAIN_H__
#include "mali_kernel_common.h"
#include "mali_osk.h"
#include "mali_l2_cache.h"
#include "mali_group.h"
#include "mali_pmu.h"
typedef enum
} mali_pm_domain_state;
struct mali_pm_domain
mali_pm_domain_state state;
_mali_osk_lock_t *lock;
s32 use_count;
u32 pmu_mask;
int group_count;
struct mali_group *group_list;
struct mali_l2_cache_core *l2;
struct mali_pm_domain *mali_pm_domain_create(u32 id, u32 pmu_mask);
void mali_pm_domain_add_group(u32 id, struct mali_group *group);
void mali_pm_domain_add_l2(u32 id, struct mali_l2_cache_core *l2);
void mali_pm_domain_delete(struct mali_pm_domain *domain);
void mali_pm_domain_terminate(void);
/** Get PM domain from domain ID
struct mali_pm_domain *mali_pm_domain_get(u32 id);
/* Ref counting */
void mali_pm_domain_ref_get(struct mali_pm_domain *domain);
void mali_pm_domain_ref_put(struct mali_pm_domain *domain);
MALI_STATIC_INLINE struct mali_l2_cache_core *mali_pm_domain_l2_get(struct mali_pm_domain *domain)
return domain->l2;
MALI_STATIC_INLINE mali_pm_domain_state mali_pm_domain_state_get(struct mali_pm_domain *domain)
return domain->state;
mali_bool mali_pm_domain_lock_state(struct mali_pm_domain *domain);
void mali_pm_domain_unlock_state(struct mali_pm_domain *domain);
#define MALI_PM_DOMAIN_FOR_EACH_GROUP(group, domain) for ((group) = (domain)->group_list;\
NULL != (group); (group) = (group)->pm_domain_list)
#endif /* __MALI_PM_DOMAIN_H__ */