Merge branch 'next' of git://

Pull thermal management updates from Zhang Rui:

 - Add locking for cooling device sysfs attribute in case the cooling
   device state is changed by userspace and thermal framework
   simultaneously. (Thara Gopinath)

 - Fix a problem that passive cooling is reset improperly after system
   suspend/resume. (Wei Wang)

 - Cleanup the driver/thermal/ directory by moving intel and qcom
   platform specific drivers to platform specific sub-directories. (Amit

 - Some trivial cleanups. (Lukasz Luba, Wolfram Sang)

* 'next' of git://
  thermal/intel: fixup for Kconfig string parsing tightening up
  drivers: thermal: Move QCOM_SPMI_TEMP_ALARM into the qcom subdir
  drivers: thermal: Move various drivers for intel platforms into a subdir
  thermal: Fix locking in cooling device sysfs update cur_state
  Thermal: do not clear passive state during system sleep
  thermal: zx2967_thermal: simplify getting .driver_data
  thermal: st: st_thermal: simplify getting .driver_data
  thermal: spear_thermal: simplify getting .driver_data
  thermal: rockchip_thermal: simplify getting .driver_data
  thermal: int340x_thermal: int3400_thermal: simplify getting .driver_data
  thermal: remove unused function parameter