Merge tag 'armsoc-late' of git://

Pull more ARM SoC updates from Olof Johansson:
 "A few updates that we merged late but are low risk for regressions for
  other platforms (and a few other straggling patches):

   - I mis-tagged the 'drivers' branch, and missed 3 patches. Merged in
     here. They're for a driver for the PL353 SRAM controller and a
     build fix for the qualcomm scm driver.

   - A new platform, RDA Micro RDA8810PL (Cortex-A5 w/ integrated
     Vivante GPU, 256MB RAM, Wifi). This includes some acked
     platform-specific drivers (serial, etc). This also include DTs for
     two boards with this SoC, OrangePi 2G and OrangePi i86.

   - i.MX8 is another new platform (NXP, 4x Cortex-A53 + Cortex-M4, 4K
     video playback offload). This is the first i.MX 64-bit SoC.

   - Some minor updates to Samsung boards (adding a few peripherals in

   - Small rework for SMP bootup on STi platforms.

   - A couple of TEE driver fixes.

   - A couple of new config options (bcm2835 thermal, Uniphier MDMAC)
     enabled in defconfigs"

* tag 'armsoc-late' of git:// (27 commits)
  ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: enable CONFIG_UNIPHIER_MDMAC
  arm64: defconfig: Re-enable bcm2835-thermal driver
  MAINTAINERS: Add entry for RDA Micro SoC architecture
  tty: serial: Add RDA8810PL UART driver
  ARM: dts: rda8810pl: Add interrupt support for UART
  dt-bindings: serial: Document RDA Micro UART
  ARM: dts: rda8810pl: Add timer support
  ARM: dts: Add devicetree for OrangePi i96 board
  ARM: dts: Add devicetree for OrangePi 2G IoT board
  ARM: dts: Add devicetree for RDA8810PL SoC
  ARM: Prepare RDA8810PL SoC
  dt-bindings: arm: Document RDA8810PL and reference boards
  dt-bindings: Add RDA Micro vendor prefix
  ARM: sti: remove pen_release and boot_lock
  arm64: dts: exynos: Add Bluetooth chip to TM2(e) boards
  arm64: dts: imx8mq-evk: enable watchdog
  arm64: dts: imx8mq: add watchdog devices
  MAINTAINERS: add i.MX8 DT path to i.MX architecture
  arm64: add support for i.MX8M EVK board
  arm64: add basic DTS for i.MX8MQ