Merge tag 'kcsan.2022.01.09a' of git://

Pull KCSAN updates from Paul McKenney:
 "This provides KCSAN fixes and also the ability to take memory barriers
  into account for weakly-ordered systems. This last can increase the
  probability of detecting certain types of data races"

* tag 'kcsan.2022.01.09a' of git:// (29 commits)
  kcsan: Only test clear_bit_unlock_is_negative_byte if arch defines it
  kcsan: Avoid nested contexts reading inconsistent reorder_access
  kcsan: Turn barrier instrumentation into macros
  kcsan: Make barrier tests compatible with lockdep
  kcsan: Support WEAK_MEMORY with Clang where no objtool support exists
  compiler_attributes.h: Add __disable_sanitizer_instrumentation
  objtool, kcsan: Remove memory barrier instrumentation from noinstr
  objtool, kcsan: Add memory barrier instrumentation to whitelist
  sched, kcsan: Enable memory barrier instrumentation
  mm, kcsan: Enable barrier instrumentation
  x86/qspinlock, kcsan: Instrument barrier of pv_queued_spin_unlock()
  x86/barriers, kcsan: Use generic instrumentation for non-smp barriers
  asm-generic/bitops, kcsan: Add instrumentation for barriers
  locking/atomics, kcsan: Add instrumentation for barriers
  locking/barriers, kcsan: Support generic instrumentation
  locking/barriers, kcsan: Add instrumentation for barriers
  kcsan: selftest: Add test case to check memory barrier instrumentation
  kcsan: Ignore GCC 11+ warnings about TSan runtime support
  kcsan: test: Add test cases for memory barrier instrumentation
  kcsan: test: Match reordered or normal accesses