Merge tag 'hwmon-for-v5.17' of git://

Pull hwmon updates from Guenter Roeck:
 "New drivers:

   - PMBus driver for MPS Multi-phase mp5023

   - PMBus driver for Delta AHE-50DC fan control module

   - Driver for NZXT RGB&Fan Controller/Smart Device v2

   - Driver for Texas Instruments INA238

   - Driver to support X370 Asus WMI

   - Driver to support B550 Asus WMI

  Other notable changes:

   - Cleanup of ntc_thermistor driver, and added support for Samsung
     1404-001221 NTC

   - Improve detection of LM84, MAX1617, and MAX1617A in adm1021 driver

   - Clean up tmp401 driver, and convert to with_info API

   - Add support for regulators and IR38060, IR38164 IR38263 to ir38064
     PMBus driver

   - Add support for AMD Family 19h Models 10h-1Fh and A0h-AFh to
     k10temp driver

   - Add support for F81966 to f71882fg driver

   - Add support for ONSEMI N34TS04 to jc42 driver

   - Clean up and simplify dell-smm driver

   - Add support for ROG STRIX B550-A/X570-I GAMING to nct6775 driver

  And various other minor improvements and fixes"

* tag 'hwmon-for-v5.17' of git:// (49 commits)
  hwmon: (nzxt-smart2) make array detect_fans_report static const
  hwmon: (xgene-hwmon) Add free before exiting xgene_hwmon_probe
  hwmon: (nzxt-smart2) Fix "unused function" warning
  hwmon: (dell-smm) Pack the whole smm_regs struct
  hwmon: (nct6775) Additional check for ChipID before ASUS WMI usage
  hwmon: (mr75203) fix wrong power-up delay value
  hwmon/pmbus: (ir38064) Fix spelling mistake "comaptible" -> "compatible"
  hwmon/pmbus: (ir38064) Expose a regulator
  hwmon/pmbus: (ir38064) Add of_match_table
  hwmon/pmbus: (ir38064) Add support for IR38060, IR38164 IR38263
  hwmon: add driver for NZXT RGB&Fan Controller/Smart Device v2.
  hwmon: (nct6775) add ROG STRIX B550-A/X570-I GAMING
  hwmon: (pmbus) Add support for MPS Multi-phase mp5023
  dt-bindings: add Delta AHE-50DC fan control module
  hwmon: (pmbus) Add Delta AHE-50DC fan control module driver
  hwmon: prefix kernel-doc comments for structs with struct
  hwmon: (ntc_thermistor) Add Samsung 1404-001221 NTC
  hwmon: (ntc_thermistor) Drop OF dependency
  hwmon: (dell-smm) Unify i8k_ioctl() and i8k_ioctl_unlocked()
  hwmon: (dell-smm) Simplify ioctl handler