Merge branch 'linus' of git://

Pull crypto updates from Herbert Xu:

   - Drop alignment requirement for data in aesni

   - Use synchronous seeding from the /dev/random in DRBG

   - Reseed nopr DRBGs every 5 minutes from /dev/random

   - Add KDF algorithms currently used by security/DH

   - Fix lack of entropy on some AMD CPUs with jitter RNG


   - Add support for the D1 variant in sun8i-ce

   - Add SEV_INIT_EX support in ccp

   - PFVF support for GEN4 host driver in qat

   - Compression support for GEN4 devices in qat

   - Add cn10k random number generator support"

* 'linus' of git:// (145 commits)
  crypto: af_alg - rewrite NULL pointer check
  lib/mpi: Add the return value check of kcalloc()
  crypto: qat - fix definition of ring reset results
  crypto: hisilicon - cleanup warning in qm_get_qos_value()
  crypto: kdf - select SHA-256 required for self-test
  crypto: x86/aesni - don't require alignment of data
  crypto: ccp - remove unneeded semicolon
  crypto: stm32/crc32 - Fix kernel BUG triggered in probe()
  crypto: s390/sha512 - Use macros instead of direct IV numbers
  crypto: sparc/sha - remove duplicate hash init function
  crypto: powerpc/sha - remove duplicate hash init function
  crypto: mips/sha - remove duplicate hash init function
  crypto: sha256 - remove duplicate generic hash init function
  crypto: jitter - add oversampling of noise source
  MAINTAINERS: update SEC2 driver maintainers list
  crypto: ux500 - Use platform_get_irq() to get the interrupt
  crypto: hisilicon/qm - disable qm clock-gating
  crypto: omap-aes - Fix broken pm_runtime_and_get() usage
  MAINTAINERS: update caam crypto driver maintainers list
  crypto: octeontx2 - prevent underflow in get_cores_bmap()