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config AUTOFS4_FS
tristate "Kernel automounter version 4 support (also supports v3 and v5)"
default n
The automounter is a tool to automatically mount remote file systems
on demand. This implementation is partially kernel-based to reduce
overhead in the already-mounted case; this is unlike the BSD
automounter (amd), which is a pure user space daemon.
To use the automounter you need the user-space tools from
<>; you also want
to answer Y to "NFS file system support", below.
This module is in the process of being renamed from autofs4 to
autofs. Since autofs is now the only module that provides the
autofs file system the module is not version 4 specific.
The autofs4 module is now built from the source located in
fs/autofs. The autofs4 directory and its configuration entry
will be removed two kernel versions from the inclusion of this
Changes that will need to be made should be limited to:
- source include statments should be changed from autofs_fs4.h to
autofs_fs.h since these two header files have been merged.
- user space scripts that manually load autofs4.ko should be
changed to load autofs.ko. But since the module directory name
and the module name are the same as the file system name there
is no need to manually load module.
- any "alias autofs autofs4" will need to be removed.
Please configure AUTOFS_FS instead of AUTOFS4_FS from now on.