Merge tag 'rcu.2022.01.09a' of git://

Pull RCU updates from Paul McKenney:

 - Documentation updates, perhaps most notably Neil Brown's writeup of
   the reference-counting analogy to RCU.

 - Expedited grace-period cleanups.

 - Remove CONFIG_RCU_FAST_NO_HZ due to lack of valid users. I have asked
   around, posted a blog entry, and sent this series to LKML without

 - Miscellaneous fixes.

 - RCU callback offloading updates, perhaps most notably Frederic
   Weisbecker's updates allowing CPUs booted in the de-offloaded state
   to be offloaded at runtime.

 - nolibc fixes from Willy Tarreau and Anmar Faizi, but also including
   Mark Brown's addition of gettid().

 - RCU Tasks Trace fixes, including changes that increase the
   scalability of call_rcu_tasks_trace() for the BPF folks (Martin Lau
   and KP Singh).

 - Various fixes including those from Wander Lairson Costa and Li

 - Fixes plus addition of tests for the increased call_rcu_tasks_trace()

* tag 'rcu.2022.01.09a' of git:// (87 commits)
  rcu/nocb: Merge rcu_spawn_cpu_nocb_kthread() and rcu_spawn_one_nocb_kthread()
  rcu/nocb: Allow empty "rcu_nocbs" kernel parameter
  rcu/nocb: Create kthreads on all CPUs if "rcu_nocbs=" or "nohz_full=" are passed
  rcu/nocb: Optimize kthreads and rdp initialization
  rcu/nocb: Prepare nocb_cb_wait() to start with a non-offloaded rdp
  rcu/nocb: Remove rcu_node structure from nocb list when de-offloaded
  rcu-tasks: Use fewer callbacks queues if callback flood ends
  rcu-tasks: Use separate ->percpu_dequeue_lim for callback dequeueing
  rcu-tasks: Use more callback queues if contention encountered
  rcu-tasks: Avoid raw-spinlocked wakeups from call_rcu_tasks_generic()
  rcu-tasks: Count trylocks to estimate call_rcu_tasks() contention
  rcu-tasks: Add rcupdate.rcu_task_enqueue_lim to set initial queueing
  rcu-tasks: Make rcu_barrier_tasks*() handle multiple callback queues
  rcu-tasks: Use workqueues for multiple rcu_tasks_invoke_cbs() invocations
  rcu-tasks: Abstract invocations of callbacks
  rcu-tasks: Abstract checking of callback lists
  rcu-tasks: Add a ->percpu_enqueue_lim to the rcu_tasks structure
  rcu-tasks: Inspect stalled task's trc state in locked state
  rcu-tasks: Use spin_lock_rcu_node() and friends
  rcutorture: Combine n_max_cbs from all kthreads in a callback flood