Merge branch 'akpm' (fixes from Andrew Morton)

Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton:
 "10 fixes"

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>:
  fs/notify: don't show f_handle if exportfs_encode_inode_fh failed
  fsnotify/fdinfo: use named constants instead of hardcoded values
  kcmp: fix standard comparison bug
  mm/mmap.c: use pr_emerg when printing BUG related information
  shm: add memfd.h to UAPI export list
  checkpatch: allow commit descriptions on separate line from commit id
  sh: get_user_pages_fast() must flush cache
  eventpoll: fix uninitialized variable in epoll_ctl
  kernel/printk/printk.c: fix faulty logic in the case of recursive printk
  mem-hotplug: let memblock skip the hotpluggable memory regions in __next_mem_range()