apparmor: fix ptrace label match when matching stacked labels

Given a label with a profile stack of
  A//&B or A//&C ...

A ptrace rule should be able to specify a generic trace pattern with
a rule like

  ptrace trace A//&**,

however this is failing because while the correct label match routine
is called, it is being done post label decomposition so it is always
being done against a profile instead of the stacked label.

To fix this refactor the cross check to pass the full peer label in to
the label_match.

Fixes: 290f458a4f16 ("apparmor: allow ptrace checks to be finer grained than just capability")
Cc: Stable <>
Reported-by: Matthew Garrett <>
Tested-by: Matthew Garrett <>
Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>
2 files changed