apparmor: 6.2 merge conflict resolution
Merge tag 'apparmor-pr-2022-12-14' into apparmor-6.2-merge

+ Features
  - switch to zstd compression for profile raw data

+ Cleanups
  - Simplify obtain the newest label on a cred
  - remove useless static inline functions
  - compute permission conversion on policy unpack
  - refactor code to share common permissins
  - refactor unpack to group policy backwards compatiblity code
  - add __init annotation to aa_{setup/teardown}_dfa_engine()

+ Bug Fixes
  - fix a memleak in
    - multi_transaction_new()
    - free_ruleset()
    - unpack_profile()
    - alloc_ns()
  - fix lockdep warning when removing a namespace
  - fix regression in stacking due to label flags
  - fix loading of child before parent
  - fix kernel-doc comments that differ from fns
  - fix spelling errors in comments
  - store return value of unpack_perms_table() to signed variable

Resolve Conflicts:

unpack trianary value fixup move from
   security/apparmor/include/policy_unpack.h by
Stephen Rothwell <>

Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>