Merge tag 'blackfin-for-linus' of git://

Pull blackfin updates from Steven Miao:
 "Code cleanup, some previously ignored patches, and bug fixes"

* tag 'blackfin-for-linus' of git://
  blackfin: cleanup board files
  bf609: clock: drop unused clock bit set/clear functions
  Blackfin: bf537: rename "CONFIG_ADT75"
  Blackfin: bf537: rename "CONFIG_AD7314"
  Blackfin: bf537: rename ad2s120x ->ad2s1200
  blackfin: bf537: fix typo "CONFIG_SND_SOC_ADV80X_MODULE"
  blackfin: dma: current count mmr is read only
  bfin_crc: Move architecture independant crc header file out of the blackfin folder.
  bf54x: drop unuesd HOST status,control,timeout registers bit define macros
  blackfin: portmux: cleanup head file
  Blackfin: remove "config IP_CHECKSUM_L1"
  blackfin: Remove GENERIC_GPIO config option again
  blackfin:Use generic /proc/interrupts implementation
  blackfin: bf60x: fix typo "CONFIG_PM_BFIN_WAKE_PA15_POL"