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# set of steps for releasing a new version of rteval
# Note:
# git commits should have a summary line followed by
# blank line and then the detailed info on the commit
# followed by the committer's Signed-off-by line
1. Commit local branch changes
2. Fetch remote branches
3. Create a 'work' branch from 'master'
4. Merge any remote branch updates into 'work'
5. Merge any local branch updates into 'work'
6. Merge 'work' back into 'master'
7. Update version number in rteval/ and rteval.spec
8. Update %changelog info in rteval.spec
9. Commit rteval/ and rteval.spec changes
10. Create signed tag of the form v<major>.<minor> for the release:
e.g.: git tag -u <your-rh-login> v1.10
11. Push master branch back to origin
e.g.: git push origin && git push --tags origin