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rteval \- evaluate latency performance of a realtime Linux system
.B rteval
.RI "[ \-hvsLSDOZ ] [\-d " duration " ] [\-w " workdir " ] [\-l " loaddir " ] \
[\-X " host " ]"
.\" This manual page documents briefly the
.\" .B rteval command.
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.\" \fBcyclictest\fP is a program that...
The rteval program is used to evaluate the realtime performance of a
realtime Linux kernel on a particular hardware system. There is
nothing that actually requires a realtime Linux kernel, but the
latency measurements will usually be pretty bad on a stock Linux
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
options starting with two dashes ('\-\-').
A summary of options is included below.
.\" For a complete description, see the Info files.
.B \-h, \-\-help
print a help message
.B -d, \-\-duration=DURATION
Specify the length of the measurement run. DURATION is an integer with
an optional suffix indicating the units:
s - seconds
m - minutes
h - hours
d - days
for example to execute a ten minute run of rteval:
$ rteval \-\-duration=10m
.B \-v, \-\-verbose
Increase the verbosity of output during the test run
.B \-w, \-\-workdir=WORKDIR
Tell rteval to change directory to WORKDIR before creating any
subdirectories for report files. The default WORKDIR is the directory
in which rteval was started.
.B \-l, \-\-loaddir=LOADDIR
Tell rteval where to find the source for the loads
.B \-\-loads\-cpulist=CPULIST
List of CPUs where loads will run
.B \-\-measurement-cpulist=CPULIST
List of CPUs where measurement applciation will run
.B \-s, \-\-sysreport
Have rteval run the sysreport utility after a run to gather
information on the running system.
.B \-D, \-\-debug
Turn on debugging prints during run
.B \-X, \-\-xmprpc-submit=HOST
Have rteval send report data to HOST following the run, using XML-RPC
.B \-Z, \-\-summarize
Have rteval summarize an existing report. This will not cause loads or
meausurement utilities to be run.
.\" .BR bar (1),
.\" .BR baz (1).
.\" .br
This is a directory created by rteval to hold the summary.xml file as
well as other files collected on the system. It is the current Year,
Month, and Day, followed by a sequence number for multiple runs on the
same day.
.BR summary.xml
This is an XML file that contains information about a test run and the
host system upon which rteval was run.
.BR dmesg
This is the output of the dmesg(1) program immediately following
system boot. It is copied from /var/log/dmesg.
.BR cyclictest(8).
rteval was written by Clark Williams <>
XML-RPC and database code by David Sommerseth <>