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These files make up the code that create the trace-cmd programs.
This includes the GUI interface application kernelshark as well
as trace-graph and trace-view.
These files also make up the code to create the libraries
libtracecmd and libparsevent
The applications are licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0
(see COPYING) and the libraries are licensed under the GNU
Lesser General Public License 2.1 (See COPYING.LIB).
To make trace-cmd
To make the gui
make gui
To install trace-cmd
make install
To install the gui
make install_gui
Note: The default install is relative to /usr/local
The default install directory is /usr/local/bin
The default plugin directory is /usr/local/lib/trace-cmd/plugins
To change the default, you can set 'prefix', eg
mkdir $HOME/test-trace
make prefix=$HOME/test-trace
make prefix=$HOME/test-trace install