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* Copyright (C) 2008, 2009, 2010 Red Hat Inc, Steven Rostedt <>
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
* version 2.1 of the License (not later!)
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this program; if not, see <>
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#ifndef _TRACE_CMD_H
#define _TRACE_CMD_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "event-utils.h"
#include "event-parse.h"
#define TRACECMD_ERR_MSK ((unsigned long)(-1) & ~((1UL << 14) - 1))
#define TRACECMD_ISERR(ptr) ((unsigned long)(ptr) > TRACECMD_ERR_MSK)
#define TRACECMD_ERROR(ret) ((void *)((unsigned long)(ret) | TRACECMD_ERR_MSK))
#define TRACECMD_PTR2ERR(ptr) ((unisgned long)(ptr) & ~TRACECMD_ERR_MSK)
void parse_cmdlines(struct pevent *pevent, char *file, int size);
void parse_proc_kallsyms(struct pevent *pevent, char *file, unsigned int size);
void parse_ftrace_printk(struct pevent *pevent, char *file, unsigned int size);
extern int tracecmd_disable_sys_plugins;
extern int tracecmd_disable_plugins;
struct plugin_list;
struct plugin_list *tracecmd_load_plugins(struct pevent *pevent);
void tracecmd_unload_plugins(struct plugin_list *list);
char **tracecmd_event_systems(const char *tracing_dir);
char **tracecmd_system_events(const char *tracing_dir, const char *system);
struct pevent *tracecmd_local_events(const char *tracing_dir);
int tracecmd_fill_local_events(const char *tracing_dir, struct pevent *pevent);
char **tracecmd_local_plugins(const char *tracing_dir);
char **tracecmd_add_list(char **list, const char *name, int len);
void tracecmd_free_list(char **list);
int *tracecmd_add_id(int *list, int id, int len);
enum {
#ifndef TS_SHIFT
#define TS_SHIFT 27
void tracecmd_record_ref(struct pevent_record *record);
void free_record(struct pevent_record *record);
struct tracecmd_input;
struct tracecmd_output;
struct tracecmd_recorder;
static inline int tracecmd_host_bigendian(void)
unsigned char str[] = { 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x4 };
unsigned int *ptr;
ptr = (unsigned int *)str;
return *ptr == 0x01020304;
char *tracecmd_find_tracing_dir(void);
/* --- Opening and Reading the trace.dat file --- */
enum {
enum {
struct tracecmd_ftrace {
struct tracecmd_input *handle;
struct event_format *fgraph_ret_event;
int fgraph_ret_id;
int long_size;
struct tracecmd_input *tracecmd_alloc(const char *file);
struct tracecmd_input *tracecmd_alloc_fd(int fd);
struct tracecmd_input *tracecmd_open(const char *file);
struct tracecmd_input *tracecmd_open_fd(int fd);
void tracecmd_ref(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
void tracecmd_close(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_read_headers(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_long_size(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_page_size(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_cpus(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_copy_headers(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int fd);
void tracecmd_set_flag(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int flag);
void tracecmd_clear_flag(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int flag);
void tracecmd_print_events(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
int tracecmd_init_data(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_page_record(struct pevent *pevent, void *page, int size,
struct pevent_record *last_record);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_peek_data(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu);
static inline struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_peek_data_ref(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu)
struct pevent_record *rec = tracecmd_peek_data(handle, cpu);
if (rec)
return rec;
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_data(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_prev(struct tracecmd_input *handle, struct pevent_record *record);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_next_data(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int *rec_cpu);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_at(struct tracecmd_input *handle, unsigned long long offset,
int *cpu);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_translate_data(struct tracecmd_input *handle,
void *ptr, int size);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_cpu_first(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu);
struct pevent_record *
tracecmd_read_cpu_last(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu);
int tracecmd_refresh_record(struct tracecmd_input *handle,
struct pevent_record *record);
int tracecmd_set_cpu_to_timestamp(struct tracecmd_input *handle,
int cpu, unsigned long long ts);
tracecmd_set_all_cpus_to_timestamp(struct tracecmd_input *handle,
unsigned long long time);
int tracecmd_set_cursor(struct tracecmd_input *handle,
int cpu, unsigned long long offset);
unsigned long long
tracecmd_get_cursor(struct tracecmd_input *handle, int cpu);
int tracecmd_ftrace_overrides(struct tracecmd_input *handle, struct tracecmd_ftrace *finfo);
struct pevent *tracecmd_get_pevent(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
char *tracecmd_get_tracing_file(const char *name);
void tracecmd_put_tracing_file(char *name);
#ifndef SWIG
/* hack for function graph work around */
extern __thread struct tracecmd_input *tracecmd_curr_thread_handle;
/* --- Creating and Writing the trace.dat file --- */
struct tracecmd_event_list {
struct tracecmd_event_list *next;
const char *glob;
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_create_file_latency(const char *output_file, int cpus);
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_create_file(const char *output_file,
int cpus, char * const *cpu_data_files);
struct tracecmd_output *
tracecmd_create_file_glob(const char *output_file,
int cpus, char * const *cpu_data_files,
struct tracecmd_event_list *event_globs);
struct tracecmd_output *
tracecmd_create_init_file_glob(const char *output_file,
struct tracecmd_event_list *list);
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_create_init_fd(int fd);
struct tracecmd_output *
tracecmd_create_init_fd_glob(int fd, struct tracecmd_event_list *list);
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_create_init_file(const char *output_file);
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_create_init_file_override(const char *output_file,
const char *tracing_dir,
const char *kallsyms);
void trace_util_ftrace_options(void);
int tracecmd_add_option(struct tracecmd_output *handle,
unsigned short id,
int size, void *data);
void tracecmd_output_close(struct tracecmd_output *handle);
struct tracecmd_output *tracecmd_copy(struct tracecmd_input *ihandle,
const char *file);
int tracecmd_append_cpu_data(struct tracecmd_output *handle,
int cpus, char * const *cpu_data_files);
int tracecmd_attach_cpu_data(char *file, int cpus, char * const *cpu_data_files);
int tracecmd_attach_cpu_data_fd(int fd, int cpus, char * const *cpu_data_files);
/* --- Reading the Fly Recorder Trace --- */
void tracecmd_free_recorder(struct tracecmd_recorder *recorder);
struct tracecmd_recorder *tracecmd_create_recorder(const char *file, int cpu);
struct tracecmd_recorder *tracecmd_create_recorder_fd(int fd, int cpu);
int tracecmd_start_recording(struct tracecmd_recorder *recorder, unsigned long sleep);
void tracecmd_stop_recording(struct tracecmd_recorder *recorder);
void tracecmd_stat_cpu(struct trace_seq *s, int cpu);
long tracecmd_flush_recording(struct tracecmd_recorder *recorder);
/* --- Plugin handling --- */
extern struct plugin_option trace_ftrace_options[];
void trace_util_add_option(const char *name, const char *val);
void trace_util_load_plugins(struct pevent *pevent, const char *suffix,
void (*load_plugin)(struct pevent *pevent,
const char *path,
const char *name,
void *data),
void *data);
struct plugin_option *trace_util_read_plugin_options(void);
void trace_util_free_options(struct plugin_option *options);
char **trace_util_find_plugin_files(const char *suffix);
void trace_util_free_plugin_files(char **files);
/* --- Hack! --- */
int tracecmd_blk_hack(struct tracecmd_input *handle);
#endif /* _TRACE_CMD_H */