Merge tag 'ata-6.3-rc1' of git://

Pull ATA updates from Damien Le Moal:

 - Small cleanup of the pata_octeon driver to drop a useless platform
   callback (Uwe)

 - Simplify ata_scsi_cmd_error_handler() code using the fact that
   ap->ops->error_handler is NULL most of the time (Wenchao)

 - Several patches improving libata error handling. This is in
   preparation for supporting the command duration limits (CDL) feature.
   The changes allow handling corner cases of ATA NCQ errors which do
   not happen with regular drives but will be triggered with CDL drives

 - Simplify the qc_fill_rtf operation (me)

 - Improve SCSI command translation for REPORT_SUPPORTED_OPERATION_CODES
   command (me)

 - Cleanup of libata FUA handling.

   This falls short of enabling FUA for ATA drives that support it by
   default as there were concerns that old drives would break. The
   series however fixes several issues with the FUA support to ensure
   that FUA is reported as being supported only for drives that can
   handle all possible write cases (NCQ and non-NCQ). A check in the
   block layer is also added to ensure that we never see read FUA
   commands (current behavior) (me)

 - Several patches to move the old PARIDE (parallel port IDE) driver to
   libata as pata_parport. Given that this driver also needs protocol
   modules, the driver code resides in its own pata_parport directoy
   under drivers/ata (Ondrej)

* tag 'ata-6.3-rc1' of git://
  ata: pata_parport: Fix ida_alloc return value error check
  drivers/block: Move PARIDE protocol modules to drivers/ata/pata_parport
  drivers/block: Remove PARIDE core and high-level protocols
  ata: pata_parport: add driver (PARIDE replacement)
  ata: libata: exclude FUA support for known buggy drives
  ata: libata: Fix FUA handling in ata_build_rw_tf()
  ata: libata: cleanup fua support detection
  ata: libata: Rename and cleanup ata_rwcmd_protocol()
  ata: libata: Introduce ata_ncq_supported()
  block: add a sanity check for non-write flush/fua bios
  ata: libata-scsi: improve ata_scsiop_maint_in()
  ata: libata-scsi: do not overwrite SCSI ML and status bytes
  ata: libata: move NCQ related ATA_DFLAGs
  ata: libata: respect successfully completed commands during errors
  ata: libata: read the shared status for successful NCQ commands once
  ata: libata: simplify qc_fill_rtf port operation interface
  ata: scsi: rename flag ATA_QCFLAG_FAILED to ATA_QCFLAG_EH
  ata: libata-eh: Cleanup ata_scsi_cmd_error_handler()
  ata: octeon: Drop empty platform remove function