Merge tag 'docs-6.3' of git://

Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet:
 "It has been a moderately calm cycle for documentation; the significant
  changes include:

   - Some significant additions to the memory-management documentation

   - Some improvements to navigation in the HTML-rendered docs

   - More Spanish and Chinese translations

  ... and the usual set of typo fixes and such"

* tag 'docs-6.3' of git:// (68 commits)
  Documentation/watchdog/hpwdt: Fix Format
  Documentation/watchdog/hpwdt: Fix Reference
  Documentation: core-api: padata: correct spelling
  docs/mm: Physical Memory: correct spelling in reference to CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION
  docs: Use HTML comments for the kernel-toc SPDX line
  docs: Add more information to the HTML sidebar
  Documentation: KVM: Update AMD memory encryption link
  printk: Document that CONFIG_BOOT_PRINTK_DELAY required for boot_delay=
  Documentation: userspace-api: correct spelling
  Documentation: sparc: correct spelling
  Documentation: driver-api: correct spelling
  Documentation: admin-guide: correct spelling
  docs: add workload-tracing document to admin-guide
  docs/admin-guide/mm: remove useless markup
  docs/mm: remove useless markup
  docs/mm: Physical Memory: remove useless markup
  docs/sp_SP: Add process magic-number translation
  docs: ftrace: always use canonical ftrace path
  Doc/damon: fix the data path error
  dma-buf: Add "dma-buf" to title of documentation