Merge tag 'iomap-6.3-merge-1' of git://

Pull iomap updates from Darrick Wong:
 "This is mostly rearranging things to make life easier for gfs2,
  nothing all that mindblowing for this release.

   - Change when the iomap page_done function is called so that we still
     have a locked folio in the success case. This fixes a writeback
     race in gfs2

   - Change when the iomap page_prepare function is called so that gfs2
     can recover from OOM scenarios more gracefully

   - Rename the iomap page_ops to folio_ops, since they operate on
     folios now"

* tag 'iomap-6.3-merge-1' of git://
  iomap: Rename page_ops to folio_ops
  iomap: Rename page_prepare handler to get_folio
  iomap: Add __iomap_get_folio helper
  iomap/gfs2: Get page in page_prepare handler
  iomap: Add iomap_get_folio helper
  iomap: Rename page_done handler to put_folio
  iomap/gfs2: Unlock and put folio in page_done handler
  iomap: Add __iomap_put_folio helper