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/* Portions Copyright 2001 Sun Microsystems ( */
/* Portions Copyright 2002 Intel ( */
#include "ethtool-config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <endian.h>
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <net/if.h>
/* ethtool.h expects these to be defined by <linux/types.h> */
typedef __uint16_t __be16;
typedef __uint32_t __be32;
typedef unsigned long long __be64;
typedef unsigned long long u64;
typedef __uint32_t u32;
typedef __uint16_t u16;
typedef __uint8_t u8;
typedef __int32_t s32;
#include "ethtool-copy.h"
#include "net_tstamp-copy.h"
static inline u16 cpu_to_be16(u16 value)
return value;
static inline u32 cpu_to_be32(u32 value)
return value;
static inline u64 cpu_to_be64(u64 value)
return value;
static inline u16 cpu_to_be16(u16 value)
return (value >> 8) | (value << 8);
static inline u32 cpu_to_be32(u32 value)
return cpu_to_be16(value >> 16) | (cpu_to_be16(value) << 16);
static inline u64 cpu_to_be64(u64 value)
return cpu_to_be32(value >> 32) | ((u64)cpu_to_be32(value) << 32);
#define ntohll cpu_to_be64
#define htonll cpu_to_be64
#define BITS_PER_BYTE 8
#define BITS_PER_LONG (BITS_PER_BYTE * sizeof(long))
#define DIV_ROUND_UP(n, d) (((n) + (d) - 1) / (d))
static inline void set_bit(unsigned int nr, unsigned long *addr)
addr[nr / BITS_PER_LONG] |= 1UL << (nr % BITS_PER_LONG);
static inline void clear_bit(unsigned int nr, unsigned long *addr)
addr[nr / BITS_PER_LONG] &= ~(1UL << (nr % BITS_PER_LONG));
static inline int test_bit(unsigned int nr, const unsigned long *addr)
return !!((1UL << (nr % BITS_PER_LONG)) &
(((unsigned long *)addr)[nr / BITS_PER_LONG]));
#ifndef ARRAY_SIZE
#define ARRAY_SIZE(x) (sizeof(x) / sizeof((x)[0]))
#define SIOCETHTOOL 0x8946
/* Internal values for old-style offload flags. Values and names
* must not clash with the flags defined for ETHTOOL_{G,S}FLAGS.
#define ETH_FLAG_RXCSUM (1 << 0)
#define ETH_FLAG_TXCSUM (1 << 1)
#define ETH_FLAG_SG (1 << 2)
#define ETH_FLAG_TSO (1 << 3)
#define ETH_FLAG_UFO (1 << 4)
#define ETH_FLAG_GSO (1 << 5)
#define ETH_FLAG_GRO (1 << 6)
/* Mask of all flags defined for ETHTOOL_{G,S}FLAGS. */
/* Context for sub-commands */
struct cmd_context {
const char *devname; /* net device name */
int fd; /* socket suitable for ethtool ioctl */
struct ifreq ifr; /* ifreq suitable for ethtool ioctl */
int argc; /* number of arguments to the sub-command */
char **argp; /* arguments to the sub-command */
int test_cmdline(const char *args);
struct cmd_expect {
const void *cmd; /* expected command; NULL at end of list */
size_t cmd_len; /* length to match (might be < sizeof struct) */
int rc; /* kernel return code */
const void *resp; /* response to write back; may be NULL */
size_t resp_len; /* length to write back */
int test_ioctl(const struct cmd_expect *expect, void *cmd);
int test_main(int argc, char **argp);
#define main(...) test_main(__VA_ARGS__)
void test_exit(int rc) __attribute__((noreturn));
#undef exit
#define exit(rc) test_exit(rc)
void *test_malloc(size_t size);
#undef malloc
#define malloc(size) test_malloc(size)
void *test_calloc(size_t nmemb, size_t size);
#undef calloc
#define calloc(nmemb, size) test_calloc(nmemb, size)
char *test_strdup(const char *s);
#undef strdup
#define strdup(s) test_strdup(s)
void *test_free(void *ptr);
#undef free
#define free(ptr) test_free(ptr)
void *test_realloc(void *ptr, size_t size);
#undef realloc
#define realloc(ptr, size) test_realloc(ptr, size)
int test_open(const char *pathname, int flag, ...);
#undef open
#define open(...) test_open(__VA_ARGS__)
int test_socket(int domain, int type, int protocol);
#undef socket
#define socket(...) test_socket(__VA_ARGS__)
int test_close(int fd);
#undef close
#define close(fd) test_close(fd)
FILE *test_fopen(const char *path, const char *mode);
#undef fopen
#define fopen(path, mode) test_fopen(path, mode)
int test_fclose(FILE *fh);
#undef fclose
#define fclose(fh) test_fclose(fh)
int send_ioctl(struct cmd_context *ctx, void *cmd);
void dump_hex(FILE *f, const u8 *data, int len, int offset);
/* National Semiconductor DP83815, DP83816 */
int natsemi_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int natsemi_dump_eeprom(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info,
struct ethtool_eeprom *ee);
/* Digital/Intel 21040 and 21041 */
int de2104x_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Adapter Family */
int e1000_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int igb_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* RealTek PCI */
int realtek_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Intel(R) PRO/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter Family */
int e100_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Tigon3 */
int tg3_dump_eeprom(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_eeprom *ee);
/* Advanced Micro Devices AMD8111 based Adapter */
int amd8111e_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Advanced Micro Devices PCnet32 Adapter */
int pcnet32_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Motorola 8xx FEC Ethernet controller */
int fec_8xx_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* PowerPC 4xx on-chip Ethernet controller */
int ibm_emac_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Intel(R) PRO/10GBe Gigabit Adapter Family */
int ixgb_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int ixgbe_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int ixgbevf_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Broadcom Tigon3 Ethernet controller */
int tg3_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* SysKonnect Gigabit (Genesis and Yukon) */
int skge_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* SysKonnect Gigabit (Yukon2) */
int sky2_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Fabric7 VIOC */
int vioc_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* SMSC LAN911x/LAN921x embedded ethernet controller */
int smsc911x_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int at76c50x_usb_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Solarflare Solarstorm controllers */
int sfc_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* STMMAC embedded ethernet controller */
int st_mac100_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info,
struct ethtool_regs *regs);
int st_gmac_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Et131x ethernet controller */
int et131x_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info, struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Altera TSE 10/100/1000 ethernet controller */
int altera_tse_dump_regs(struct ethtool_drvinfo *info,
struct ethtool_regs *regs);
/* Rx flow classification */
int rxclass_parse_ruleopts(struct cmd_context *ctx,
struct ethtool_rx_flow_spec *fsp);
int rxclass_rule_getall(struct cmd_context *ctx);
int rxclass_rule_get(struct cmd_context *ctx, __u32 loc);
int rxclass_rule_ins(struct cmd_context *ctx,
struct ethtool_rx_flow_spec *fsp);
int rxclass_rule_del(struct cmd_context *ctx, __u32 loc);
/* Module EEPROM parsing code */
void sff8079_show_all(const __u8 *id);
/* Optics diagnostics */
void sff8472_show_all(const __u8 *id);
#endif /* ETHTOOL_INTERNAL_H__ */