Check user supplied interface name lengths

The original problem was that something like:

| strncpy(ifr.ifr_name, *argv, IFNAMSIZ);

might leave ifr.ifr_name unterminated if length of *argv exceeds
IFNAMSIZ. In order to fix this, I thought about replacing all those
cases with (equivalent) calls to snprintf() or even introducing
strlcpy(). But as Ulrich Drepper correctly pointed out when rejecting
the latter from being added to glibc, truncating a string without
notifying the user is not to be considered good practice. So let's
excercise what he suggested and reject empty, overlong or otherwise
invalid interface names right from the start - this way calls to
strncpy() like shown above become safe and the user has a chance to
reconsider what he was trying to do.

Note that this doesn't add calls to check_ifname() to all places where
user supplied interface name is parsed. In many cases, the interface
must exist already and is therefore looked up using ll_name_to_index(),
so if_nametoindex() will perform the necessary checks already.

Signed-off-by: Phil Sutter <>
11 files changed