Intel Wired LAN patch queue for net

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  1. 60d061e Merge git:// by David S. Miller · 5 days ago master
  2. 57f230a xen/netfront: raise max number of slots in xennet_get_responses() by Juergen Gross · 6 days ago
  3. c0129a0 smc: convert to ->poll_mask by Cong Wang · 7 days ago
  4. 760a6ed net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: Fix an error handling path in 'meson8b_dwmac_probe()' by Christophe JAILLET · 7 days ago
  5. 31962c8 tc-testing: ife: fix wrong teardown command in test b7b8 by Davide Caratti · 7 days ago
  6. 469998c net: thunderx: prevent concurrent data re-writing by nicvf_set_rx_mode by Vadim Lomovtsev · 10 days ago
  7. 909f1ed net: phy: mdio-gpio: Cut surplus includes by Linus Walleij · 7 days ago
  8. bfc17d0 Merge branch 'hv_netvsc-notification-and-namespace-fixes' by David S. Miller · 6 days ago
  9. c0a41b8 hv_netvsc: move VF to same namespace as netvsc device by Stephen Hemminger · 7 days ago
  10. 7bf7bb3 hv_netvsc: fix network namespace issues with VF support by Stephen Hemminger · 7 days ago
  11. 8cde8f0 hv_netvsc: drop common code until callback model fixed by Stephen Hemminger · 7 days ago
  12. 01a1a17 Merge branch 'nfp-fixes' by David S. Miller · 6 days ago
  13. e62e51a nfp: flower: free dst_entry in route table by Pieter Jansen van Vuuren · 6 days ago
  14. fe06a64 nfp: remove phys_port_name on flower's vNIC by Jakub Kicinski · 6 days ago
  15. 29f534c nfp: include all ring counters in interface stats by Jakub Kicinski · 6 days ago
  16. f8d0efb nfp: don't pad strings in nfp_cpp_resource_find() to avoid gcc 8 warning by Jakub Kicinski · 6 days ago
  17. cdb8744 Revert "net: do not allow changing SO_REUSEADDR/SO_REUSEPORT on bound sockets" by Bart Van Assche · 6 days ago
  18. 21ba884 netfilter: nf_conncount: Fix garbage collection with zones by Yi-Hung Wei · 6 days ago
  19. fc6ddbe netfilter: xt_connmark: fix list corruption on rmmod by Florian Westphal · 6 days ago
  20. c05a45c netfilter: ctnetlink: avoid null pointer dereference by Florian Westphal · 7 days ago